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The green coffee bean extract is a magical weight loss pill that can be used by anyone, regardless of body type. In fact the new SUPER GREEN COFFEE with SVETOL is proven to be the newest and the best formula on the market today!

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What is Green Coffee with Sveto

The real green coffee bean extract comes from coffee beans before they are ever processed or roasted. Natural coffee beans in their raw form contain an antioxidant referred to as Cholorogenic Acid. The Chlorogenic acid is the magical ingredient; it’s what burns fat away



Svetol is the most pure and raw form of the fat burning prop-
erties of the Green Coffee Bean – with a unique composition that is clinically proven to be effective in weight loss



The chlorogenic acid attacks your fat cells, destroying them and preventing new ones from forming. The unbelievable part that astonished the medical and weight loss community is that you can still eat anything you want. You don’t have to change your diet and you don’t have to start exercising either to enjoy the benefits of this miracle supplement.

A study recently presented at a meeting of the world’s largest scientific society followed participants for 12 weeks to see if the Green Coffee bean with Svetol would really produce weight loss worth mentioning.

The participants in this study were told not to change any of their habits, including diet and exercise. They were simply to add the extract to their normal daily routine.

The results confused and shocked weight loss experts, as it went against everything we’ve ever believed about losing weight. Participants lost 16% percent of their body fat, which correlated to about 17 pounds. "WOW!!!

ON TV Seen On Tv One famous television doctor recently showcasing Super Green Coffee with Svetol said: “You may think magic is make believe – but this little bean has scientists saying they have found the magical weight loss cure for every body type. It’s green coffee beans – and when turned into a supplement this miracle pill can burn fat fast! For anyone who wants to lose weight.”

Television doctors and experts have also performed their own mini experiment on National TV with 2 women viewers on their hit day time show. Over a course of 5 days with no exercise, the first viewer lost 2 lbs while the other viewer lost 6lbs. In less than a week!!!

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The Expert Coffee Study

While all signs (and studies) pointed to green coffee extract to be the miracleweight loss supplement we’ve all been waiting for, some experts decided to take it upon themselves to see if this stuff actually works. The experts put together a team to run their own study of the Green Coffee Bean.


The women were split into 2 groups: 1 group was given Green coffee bean extract with Svetol – and the other a placebo. Neither group knew if they were taking the real product or not. Both test groups were direct to not change any eating habits but keep a food journal to ensure weight loss was not from diet.

The Results of the Experts

After two weeks, it was time to test the results! The women were weighted and evaluated once again by the medical team. The women who had been taking the real Super Green Coffee with Svetol had indeed lost weight…twice as much as the second group taking the placebo!

Where to Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Before you buy any green coffee extract, make sure you read the label. There are many products out there that do not have the correct formula in order for you to lose weight. If the label doesn’t say 50% chlorogenic acid with Svetol – then you should not buy it!

Only the pure from of Svetol with 50% chlorogenic acid will burn fat according to the experts.

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